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About T-RECs.ai

T-RECs.ai empowers corporates and individuals to demonstrate their commitment to fighting global climate change. Supporting sustainable and renewable energy sources through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on our reliable platform powered by block-chain technology and artificial intelligence, these entities can validate their commitment transparently, on a public blockchain. T-RECs.ai trading platform provides a TRUSTED end-to-end service for our clients, from RECs qualified by global registry, buyers-sellers fast matching, post-sale ownership verification, and easy RECs retirement to trading fraud prevention.​


T-RECs.ai is APX approved independent verifier, also known as qualified reporting entity (QRE). The TIGRs Registry is APX’s solution to global demand for renewable energy in the Asia, Africa and the Americas contingent. T-RECs.ai offers a one-time non-obligated and free consultancy session for any interested renewable energy project developers to register their RECs, and for any business owners too, who wish to join in the ranks of RE100 to go 100% renewable.

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Climate change impact is real. We can no longer depends and wait upon the governments, big corporates to execute the policies and plans respectively to counter the effects of global warming. I believe that we require broader support which needs to cascade it down to individuals to create the force for significant change.

Understanding the underlying issues the RECs market is having, T-RECs.ai has created a transparent, effective and efficient way to accelerate this green adoption. With the advent of new technologies, small volume renewable energy purchase from diverse distributed source is now possible with us. I urge individuals and small businesses in Singapore and around the region to join in our call for action.


Mr KANG Jen Wee, Founder and CEO, T-RECs.ai

The REC Market

Why T-RECs.ai platform?

  • Enable developers/IPPs to accelerate renewable project deployment through RECs monetization

  • Purchase RECs to satisfy green commitments

  • Open to all types of consumers from individuals to large corporate and government

  • Transparent and fast trading process

  • Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence combined to prove ownership and eliminate double spending

  • RECs qualified and certified by globally recognized registries

  • Tamper-proof smart meters ensure all renewable generation is validated at point of production

  • No registration cost with low transaction fees

Highlighted News

T-RECS.ai is committed to enabling consumers and helping them support sustainable and renewable energy sources through their purchase decisions. PacificLight shares this commitment and is a natural partner for us.


We are glad to formalize our collaboration on 3rd Nov 2019. Their Sunny Side-Up 12 Plan will allow environmentally conscious customers to become 100% renewable and carbon-neutral in their household electricity consumption, as featured in Singapore Business Review too.


We are also pleased that close to 8,500 PacificLight customers have gone green since the launch of the renewable energy plan.