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I own renewable energy assets / I would like to sell RECs.

I would like to buy RECs. is an approved independent verifier, also known as qualified reporting entity (QRE) by APX. With more than 15 years in environmental registries, the TIGRs Registry is APX’s solution to global demand for renewable energy in the Asia, Africa and the Americas contingent. Project owners can work with to report the generation data directly to the TIGR Registry. 

The TIGR Registry supports REC issuance and tracking on documentable ownership of environmental attributes, and by issuing RECs in the TIGR Registry, project owners can demonstrate compliance with the most rigorous verification standards. This potentially opens up your opportunities to conduct business with the world’s leading brands, and to substantiate compliance with standards set by the RE100 and others. offers non-obligated consultancy session for any interested renewable energy project developers to register their RECs, and business owners who wish to join in the ranks of RE100 to go 100% renewable. Our consultants are veterans in the renewable energy arena, and we offer comprehensive and low-cost verification process of your generation data.


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