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Green CEO Club


Leading the Green Way

The Green CEO Club is one of's green initiatives to bring all corporate leaders together to make their personal commitment to 100% renewable energy. believes that leaders of today should lead-by-example in the urgent needs for actions towards climate changes and global warming. Thus sending an important message to a broader audience. We believe this will be a big leap in amplifying the shout for real concrete steps towards restoring our mother nature for our children and future generation. It is critical and necessary that the community is unified and the collective efforts will be unbelievable.

Joining Criteria:

  • Corporate leader includes CEO, Managing Director, Country Manager, highest ranking company executive only

  • Leader with clear indication or executed personal actions towards climate change efforts

  • Leader from reputable company with local presence, nationally recognized and trusted brand

Platform Initiative:

  • Bringing great green minds together to share thoughts, experience and initiate programmes to accelerate green adoptions among the local communities

  • Fund raising to support existing local and regional green movement, and to incentivize young minds for original ideas to fight climate change

  • Site visit, webinar, free consultancy, media and training on sustainability to be organised by

If you are keen to be part of this climate advocate group, do fill up the below form.

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