T-RECs.ai is an approved independent verifier qualified by global renewable registry TIGRs, managed by APX

T-RECs.ai provides one-stop solution for renewable power generators, even the smaller ones to monetize their renewable energy certificates and reach out to broader global base.

T-RECs.ai also empowers corporates and individuals in Singapore and around the region to demonstrate their commitment in reducing their carbon footprint and fight global climate change. To be 100% renewable in their electricity consumption by supporting sustainable and renewable energy sources through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on our reliable platform powered by block-chain technology and artificial intelligence. These entities can validate their commitment transparently, on a public blockchain. T-RECs.ai trading platform provides a TRUSTED end-to-end service for our clients, from RECs qualified by global registry, buyers-sellers fast matching, post-sale ownership verification, and easy RECs retirement to trading fraud prevention.​

T-RECs.ai offers non-obligated consultancy session for any business owners who wish to use this RECs framework to enhance their sustainability objectives and to join in the ranks of global RE100 organisation in going 100% renewable of their electricity consumption.

We are democratizing the REC market

T-RECs.ai online marketplace creates transparency and enables RECs transactions of any volume with reduced cost for your sustainability goals

Management Team

Mr Kang Jen Wee

Founder and CEO


With more than 10 years experience in solar renewable energy industry, Jen Wee handled various portfolio in sales and equipment across Asia region. He has developed and optimized business processes for EPC and PPA business. Developed business models for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in Singapore. Successful penetrated new market in Taiwan for first non-Taiwan brand.

He is a strong believer in educating the young, and enabled Earthfest 2019 at junior school engaging students about sustainability though games and exhibit. Speaker at various forums including Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2019, the leading platform in Asia for energy stakeholders.

He started T-RECs.ai in 2018 looking to democratize the renewable energy certificates market.

Mr Kaye Lam



Kaye (KK) has spent over 10 years in renewable energy industry, and privileged to be pioneer in solar PV operations green field startup in Singapore, which is his second successful startup MNC company.   KK has come with a wide portfolio of functions within the renewables space like sales and strategic planning, global supply & demand planning, logistics and also capital project management.  He is instrumental about revenue management and driving business P&L.  Prior to this, he spent years heading engineering driving sales and business from there.  KK is also a speaker in SPECS/IFEEC and involved in supervising Nanyang MBA Programme and other academic collaborations.

Advisory Board

Mr Tim Rockell

Founder and Director

Energy Strat Asia Pte Ltd

Tim is the Director of KPMG's Global Energy Institute in Asia Pacific since November 2012, having joined KPMG in United Kingdom 22 years ago. He leads relationships with large energy companies interfacing with government, regulators, academia, and financial players. Between 2000 to 2009 he was the Global Executive Director of KPMG’s Energy & Natural Resources practice under a rapid growth; based in London and Bahrain. In 2019, Tim founded Energy Strat Asia to support specialist energy services and technology companies develop and grow in Asia.

Dr Stanley Yip

Co-Founder and CEO

NanRise Pte Ltd

Dr. Stanley Yip is an urban planner and land economist with extensive professional and research experience around the world in Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. With over 30 years of experience across the world, Dr. Yip is a recognized leading professional and researcher in urbanization, climate change, green buildings as well as in technological commercialization in China and Asia.

NanRise Pte Ltd is a spin off company from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, to commercialize all the knowledge of the NTU EcoCampus programme with focus on sustainable urban solutions.

The Green Leaders

Mr Yu Tat Ming


PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd

Mr Yu was appointed Chief Executive Officer of PacificLight in September 2009 and is responsible for the business strategy and overall direction of the company. Mr Yu has worked in the electricity industry for over 30 years. 

He talks about what it means to make available green electricity plan for consumers. Mr Yu believes that the partnership with T-RECs.ai allows customers to access renewable energy in a way that is both transparent and verifiable. The mission is aligned in ensuring lower carbon foot print and a sustainable future for all of us.

Mr Andrew Johnston

General Manager / Director of Agronomy and Resident Architect

Sentosa Golf Club

Mr Johnston has taken the lead in helping the local golf community become more aware of the global threat of climate change, and helped elevate Sentosa Golf Club as one of the most recognised eco-friendly golf facilities in the world. He has initiated numerous green practices at the golf club, including removing plastic bottles from golf carts, biodegradable bags in the locker rooms and bee colonies. The club has also reinvested in energy efficient air-conditioning that has earned a Platinum Green Mark from the Building Construction Authority, and has plans in place to harvest solar energy during the day to charge its battery-powered golf carts at night. 

Mr Johnston has also personally purchased renewable energy certificates from T-RECs.ai for his home electricity consumption for 2019.

Our Customers / Partners

Highlighted News

T-RECs.ai Singapore is committed to enabling consumers and helping them support sustainable and renewable energy sources through their purchase decisions. PacificLight shares this commitment and is a natural partner for us.


We are glad to formalize our collaboration on 3rd Nov 2019. Their Sunny Side-Up 12 Plan will allow environmentally conscious customers to become 100% renewable and carbon-neutral in their household electricity consumption, as featured in Singapore Business Review too.


We are also pleased that close to 8,500 PacificLight Singapore customers have been issued with renewable energy certificates since the launch of the renewable energy plan.

Terrenus Energy won a 5MW Ground Mount Solar power plant project in 2018 from the Singapore Government leading agency and largest landowner, JTC Corporation. Terrenus Energy was chosen to take full responsibility to build and operate this first-of-its-kind containerised Solar PV System and the biggest ground mounted solar farm, situated at a 3.9-hectare plot of land on highly sensitive Jurong Island, Singapore.


T-RECs.ai Singapore is proud to ink the agreement with Terrenus Energy, having a one year exclusive right for T-RECs.ai to sell all Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that are produced and registered from their solar farm asset.

T-RECs.ai is proud to be part of the growing conscious community with wonderful team Green Is The New Black. Sharing the same mission on sustainability, we hope to continue engage with people around us and educate them with actionable little green steps.


We love our earth. Go 100% renewable energy today!




Making green electricity available to growing environmental conscious community. Support climate change efforts by switching to renewable energy. No, you don't have to install solar panels, all you need to do is to sign up the cheapest green electricity plan from our partner, PacificLight. It's simple. https://pacificlight.com.sg/promotions/sunnysideup

Climate change impact is real. We can no longer depends and wait upon the governments, big corporates to execute the policies and plans respectively to counter the effects of global warming. T-RECs.ai believes that we require broader support which needs to cascade it down to individuals to create the force for significant change.



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