APX-logo.png is glad to be certified by global registry APX as one of the 5 qualified reporting entity (QRE) worldwide. is proud to announce that we are now part of the SolarImpulse World Alliance. is honoured to be selected by Longhash to be one of the 5 startups for their debut incubation program in Singapore! Incidentally, we are also the only Singaporean company among the five. :) is honoured to be part of the panelists for the closing plenary of "Unlocking capital for sustainability" Forum organized by Eco-Business.

Eco1.jpg is excited to be part of the Ecolabs Centre of Innovation for Energy SME/Startups partner. In his keynote speech, Senior Minister of State, Mr Chee Hong Tat, highlighted the impending paradigm shift in the Energy sector towards Decarbonization, Decentralization, and Digitalisation, and how we should prepare ourselves for that change.


We couldn't agree more. business model is built around the 3Ds. By enabling the adoption of renewables through RECs, we are accelerating decarbonization. Through the use of Blockchain technology and driving the growth of Solar, we are embracing decentralization. Finally, by building an online marketplace for RECs transactions, and utilizing Smart Meters for verification, its none other than digitalisation at work.


We are happy to enable the EarthFest 2019 event at Nanhua Primary School. The school has a great culture of taking a very proactive stance in teaching the students about sustainability. The EarthFest event is one of the many initiatives that is taken by the school to immerse the students into the concept of sustainability and social responsibility. Through games and exhibits, the students are engaged in an interactive way that makes learning fun and enjoyable.