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Solutions @ provides comprehensive and cost-effective green solutions for your Sustainability Journey

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Energy Management System’s RESuite is a platform aimed at efficiently managing energy consumption and achieving the 100% renewable goal for your company's building, office, factory and supply chain vendors via the tracking of electricity usage and rooftop solar energy generation.


Customized options which includes A.I. recommendations of most cost-effective renewable option purchases, and direct purchase of renewable energy certificates via integrated systems. The ability to find other green suppliers, and data creation for your sustainability reporting purpose.

RE100, CDP & GHG Protocol

Global Sustainability Standards Consultancy Services

Be part of the growing global corporate community to commit 100% renewable energy. More than 260 companies have committed and can help your company in fulfilling the requirements too. can help you in understanding the global standardized frameworks to measure and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from your operations. We provide solutions to help you meet GHG Protocol standards.


Global Registry Verifier

Solar Rooftop and Renewable Asset Registration is the approved independent verifier & reporting entity of global renewable registry APX TIGRs. We provide services to verify, register and upload your generation data for the creation of renewable energy certificates (RECs), so that you can possibly earn extra income via the sale of RECs. Full suite one-stop solution.

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