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ABC Company Pte Ltd

Last Login on 3 Jan 2020  12:33pm

09 Jan 2020 03:45pm -  Supplier C purchased 500 RECs from REC Solar 3MW Rooftop

09 Jan 2020 10:05am -  Chicago Spare Parts Warehouse updated Dec 2019 electricity consumption

08 Jan 2020 05:28pm -  You have added a new data centre asset Creek San Data Centre 5

07 Jan 2020 12:56pm -  Note! Capita Office Building is 2 months away from 100% renewable goal deadline

05 Jan 2020 09:38am -  Congratulation! Supplier X has achieved 100% renewable target

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Energy Suite


Hi, Johnny

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ABC Company Pte Ltd

Last Login on 3 Sep 2019  12:33pm

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RE100 Questions

1. Have you set a 100% renewable energy target with broader scope than electricity?

2. Please provide details of your renewable electricity targets applying to own operations

3. Are your working with your suppliers in order to have them set renewable electricity source?

4. Do you have a renewable electricity sourcing policy?

5. What is your long term strategy for achieving your renewable electricity target?

6. Do you plan on pursuing any of the following strategies over next 18 months to further strengthen leadership on renewables?

7. List up to 10 countries where you currently cannot source renewable electricity.

8. What are the main drivers for your company to source renewable electricity.

9. WHat are the barriers to meeting your renewable electricity goals?

10. Have you identified any cost savings through progressing towards your RE100 commitments?

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