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Hydroelectric Water - Dam/Impoundment

REC Serial Number

Date of REC Generation

Asset System Size

27 MWp

Asset Annual Generation

Not disclosed

CO2 Savings per REC


Lifetime CO2 Savings

Not disclosed


1.14730, 111.87418

Sarawak, Malaysia

Asset Description:

Batang Ai, Sarawak’s first hydroelectric plant, commenced operations in 1985, harnesses Sarawak hydro potential to produce clean, reliable and sustainable energy and enables Sarawak to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for power generation. The project has transformed the lives of local communities, who enjoy much better access to education and healthcare and to markets for their agricultural produce. Many have also become involved in ecotourism, driven by the unique culture of the local Iban people and the spectacular rainforest of the project catchment area. The local orangutan population has risen steadily since the establishment of the 120,000-hectare catchment area, which is now one of the most densely populated orangutan habitats in Borneo with more than 1.7 animals per sq km


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