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Solar Energy REC

REC Serial Number

Date of REC Generation

Asset System Size

4.65 MWp

Asset Annual Generation

6900 MWh

CO2 Savings per REC

579 kg

Lifetime CO2 Savings

99877.5 tonnes

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1.287891, 103.724242

South West, Singapore

Asset Description:

In January 2018, JTC awarded the contract for Phase 1 of its SolarLand programme to Terrenus Energy Pte. Ltd., as part of its pilot initiative to explore new ways to increase solar adopting in Singapore on 3.9 hectare located on Jurong Island. Terrenus Energy is deploying a more efficient type of solar PV panel which uses a monocrystalline-PERC (mono-PERC) solar module. This advanced technology maximises energy production with its high-efficiency panels, resulting in greater energy generated per square metre.


Towards Sustainable

Energy   Sources


Thank you

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RECs Certification

The trusted RECs are registered at The Tradable Instrument for Global Renewables (TIGR), a global renewable energy registry developed and managed by APX.

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