Trusted - RECs

What are RECs?


RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) are used to track and validate the production of 1 MWh (megawatt hour) of renewable energy by any renewable source (Solar, Hydro, Wind).


Traditionally, solar panels are installed on the customer’s roof minimising the dependency on the grid for electricity ultimately reducing CO2 emissions. However, limited roof space prevents production of 100% onsite consumption.

Good news: there is an existing framework practiced globally enabling you as the consumer to “use” renewable energy without physically consuming it. With every 1MWh of “dirty” energy you consume, you can purchase 1MWh of renewable energy (represented by a REC) produced in another location. Using this framework you can be 100% carbon neutral in your consumption.

Purchasing RECs is the most effective path to take in order to achieve the goal of being 100% renewable or carbon-neutral. Many big corporations are adopting this approach to meet their sustainability targets. A total of 191 companies (RE100) ( have officially made their commitment to bring the company towards being 100% renewable.

How does RECs work ?

RECs Flow.png

We are Trusted-RECs!


T-RECs (Trusted RECs) is coined by to provide a methodology to transact RECs in a trusted way. RECs is not a physical commodity, which makes it extremely hard to monitor, track, and own. We this as a gap in the current RECs market and we believe we have found a way to address that leveraging on our technology.

We see the importance of delivering to our clients the assurance that all the RECs that is transacted on our platform is verified, audited and tracked to ensure ownership and authenticity. This is enabled through our platform which incorporates the blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of the RECs. This is augmented with our A.I. technology to further enhance the ability to eliminate double counting and false claims to ensure strong and unchallenged ownership of the RECs. Cert2.jpg


So are you ready? Join us in making the pledge to 100% renewable!