REHash User Guide

REHash User Guide

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REHash allows users to register their renewable energy assets, as well as buy, sell, and retire renewable energy certificates (RECs) effortlessly. REHashis blockchain-enabled to track and certify each and every REC transaction carried out on the platform to prevent duplicated transactions. Watch our 3-minute userguide to find out more!

Making green electricity available to growing environmental conscious community. Support climate change efforts by switching to renewable energy. No, you don't have to install solar panels, all you need to do is to sign up the cheapest green electricity plan from our partner, PacificLight. It's simple.

Climate change impact is real. We can no longer depends and wait upon the governments, big corporates to execute the policies and plans respectively to counter the effects of global warming. believes that we require broader support which needs to cascade it down to individuals to create the force for significant change.

Radio OneFM 91.3 morning interview with our Green CEO Club member, Mr Johnston, who talks about the determination for Sentosa Golf Club to become first golf club to join UN’s Sports for Climate Action Initiative. What it takes to join a prestigious list of sports associations, events, clubs and leagues from around the world in commitment to climate action.

Invited as a guest speaker for PacificLight's Accelerating your Energy Efficiency Programme Webinar, our CEO, Mr Kang Jen Wee talks about why it is critical for every Singaporeans to understand the urgency of climate change efforts locally, renewable energy market, and how every single one of us, here or overseas, can do our individual part to contribute. Don't think or wait for someone else to save our earth.